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Malek a brand of ‘’Malek Investment Consultant ‘’ professionals are available to sit with our clients to understand their needs and we bring all the possibilities to flourish your investments through our property investment services nationally and international.

We are focus short terms and long-term investments with sustainable growth in profit for our trusted clients as we have vast experience across globe in property investments.

We are there income producing and none income producing investment for our clients and we assure the healthy growth out of investment.

Here, in Malek we do not find any hesitation to share the opportunities of investment where profit merging is excellent, and it is our prime object see your investment growing day by day.

We are specialised on following areas of property investment:

Residential development investment

We are dedicated to investing in projects where number makes sense. We are working alongside best developer and group property gurus nationally and internationally. 

Projects were historically only available to a small number of investors directly; those with a connection to a developer and who were prepared to invest a sizeable amount into a single opportunity. However, the rise of fintech and alternative investment platforms allows everyday investors to access the same deals as institutional investors, building a diversified portfolio of asset backed investments, whilst developers are no longer having to rely on their known networks for finance.

Larger property developers use retained capital and low interest bank debt to fully fund developments and will have several developments at a time taking place.

In Malek Investment Consultancy we provide solutions to all our investors to ensure the availability of opportunities.

If you are interested to short terms investment, then contact our investment team and we will be more than happy arrange meeting with our investment team.

 We are focusing on following projects for investment:

  • Housing
  • Student accommodations
  • Next generation living spaces

Commercial development investment

Our clients have benefited over the years from our unparalleled expertise in the commercial and development investment field. We welcome our clients to come to us for advice on any matters pertaining to their property investment and are always happy to share our collective years of knowledge in the industry. We have advised on the following:

Yields: This term is commonly used in the industry. Yields refers to the returns achieved by property investors after they have invested in residential or commercial property. Property investors have the sole aim of looking for maximum returns.

Planning issue: Let us help you in dealing with this complex area whether you are looking to simply extend, convert or refurbish your property. In addition, if you require advice on a new build we would be happy to assist and point you in the right direction.

Building regulations: These are set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the health and safety for people in or about those buildings. They also include requirements to ensure that facilities are provided for people, including those with disabilities, to access and move around inside buildings.

Commercial Property: This refers to a property that is intended to produce a financial return for its owner by being used or occupied by businesses. That return can arrive in the form of rent paid to the owner by a tenant or from a change in the capital value of the property, realised when the property is bought or sold.

Development costs/New build costing: These costs coupled with realistic projected re-sale prices define the feasibility of a project whether it be a refurbishment or new development.

Eco-friendly/Sustainable development: With so much emphasis on reducing carbon footprints, ‘going green’ in the form of sustainable developments is now enshrined in planning requirements. 

Refurbishment properties Investment

This area of investment is lucrative for small or big investors. We have variety of projects across the country where investment can be made, and decent profit is available on both renting, leasing and selling.

Leasing Investment

  • Industrial: local, regional or national tenants such as FedEx, manufacturers or distributors. 
  • Retail: regional or national tenants such as Target, CVS, Walgreens, Office Depot, Staples or Sports Authority (“big box” retailers). Also includes sub-types such as Automotive.
  • Office buildings: with single or multiple local, regional or national tenants, such as local law firms or medical offices, banks etc.

Renting Investment 

It is our long-term investment and it is sustainable profit is guarantee to our investors. We invest for rent in Pakistan and international market starts with England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland- USA, Canada, Australia and News land.

Buy & Sale Investment

In this area of investment Malek specialist buy and manage properties both residential and commercial and resale those property with merge of profit from 5% to 25%. We have variety of projects where investment can be made and generate healthy profit without lose.

Investment profit can go up and can go down and principle investment can go up and down which is depends and trend of the market.

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