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Malek Portal and Apps, which are owned by Malek Real Estate Management Company Limited and it started at a meeting with potential investors after numbers of meetings about the transformation of the property industry. It started at a Gujranwala, Pakistan with extensive meetings and decades of property transformation experience. Two investors sat down to converse on the difficulties of reliable real estate management and a decade of experience that conversation sparked several more issues. The founding team quickly realized if we wanted it done right, we would have to lay the framework which fits the needs of everyone. And soon the company which started off on paper become Malek real estate management. We have more than 12 years of experience in asset management and dealing with property with all sorts and backgrounds and solutions fit for your needs.

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Home Inspection

We carried out all sort of inspections by qualified professionals working for our brands. Whether it is pre-sell inspection or after sell, renting, mortgage, and inspection for mortgage.


Property Consultants

We are here to all your property needs and we will find best and cost effective solutions for your next property and investment in real sector. Our team of professionals are available to assist you.


Building Contractors

Our qualified project managers can accommodate your customized base work in residential and commercial sectors and we tend to find our project with quality and within timeframe.


Interior Decorators

Our team of Interior Decorators are inspired by the great minds of creativity around the world. We are aim to created best spaces for living and work with designs never seen before in real estate.



Our team of qualified Architects to take on the challenge. We will create dreaming space for you as we are part of professional body to create splendid home or working environment with highest standards.


Investment Advisory

Our team of financial real estate advisors aims to find best outcome of your investment in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. We guarantee sustainable profit and renting from investments.


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Malek aims to move with time and adopting with recent technology to facilitate our clients nationally and internationally. Our apps provide environmentally-friendly experience and keep you updated with all the properties coming on board daily bases.

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